Monday, January 2, 2012

Engaging Stories

It's engagement season! Many couples became engaged over the holidays, with more to come on Valentine's Day. This got me to thinking about proposal stories.

My own poor husband underwent an ordeal when trying to surprise me with a romantic proposal. Let's just say that I was really hungry after a long day of work, he was acting weird, and I was getting impatient. And grouchy. And did I mention that I was really hungry?

When he finally asked, my "Yes!" was followed by, "Can we eat now?" And, believe it or not, he still married me.

One of the best things about being a Celebrant is having the privilege of telling couples' love stories. The proposal is an important part of their story, sometimes being perfectly executed, sometimes not going quite as planned.

Here are some of my favorite proposals of couples I've married....
  • On the 4th of July, during a fireworks show
  • Hiring a diver to appear from the ocean, presenting a shell containing the ring
  • Texting a picture of the ring with the caller ID reading "Will you marry me?"
  • Ring tucked into a flower in an elaborate bouquet - which the recipient failed to notice until prompted
  • Friends helping with the big moment by setting up candles on a beach for a romantic setting
  • A ring tied to a handmade bookmark, tucked inside the couple's favorite book
  • On a camping trip, just as the sun was rising
  • Ring hidden inside a box of chocolates
  • Trying to find the perfect moment before going out for the evening - and finally proposing in the bathroom
  • Treasure hunt leading up to a box with a ring
  • Making arrangements with the restaurant to have the ring placed on top of a cake - only to have the bride wanting to skip dessert
  • Spelling out "Will You Marry Me?" across three computer screens
Despite the various methods, all the proposals were a success!

Now I'd love to hear about your proposal. Feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to share your story!


  1. This is always a question I ask my couples. I love to hear the stories too.

  2. Oh I have a great one from one of my couples. The groom put a rose on the bride's car everyday for 2 months up to the anniversary of their first date then on the anniversary he filled a corner booth with balloons and flowers and asked her on the day of their first date anniversary. How could you say no to that?

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love how creative people can get. One of my couples became engaged by a treasure hunt. The groom taped a note to the door and had little notes and hints all over the house. The last one led to the closet - she opened it ans he stood there holding the ring. =)