Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Fantasy Wedding Dance Party

I have been planning a wedding for the last few years - in my head. Even though I've been married eighteen years, I sometimes fantasize about having another wedding.

I have many of the details of my fantasy wedding already set. It would be held at Catalyst Ranch, of course. Luscious Layers Bakery will make my cake - and the sweet table. (Hey, it's my fantasy - I can have both.)

Since those two important details are done, I spend most of my time considering the music playlist. This is a constantly-evolving creation. The problem is that it keeps getting longer.

I can't imagine a party that doesn't include dance songs from the 80's and 90's (my era!). The obvious choices are New Order and Depeche Mode. And I can't forget It's My Life by Talk Talk (not that Gwen Stefani cover - ick!). Then there's Been Caught Stealing by Jane's Addiction. Ans then I'd have to get at least one INXS song in the mix. Where will it end??

Then, I keep finding more songs that I love - from this decade. Like, Michael Franti's Say Hey (I Love You) and Closer by Ne-Yo. It's getting ridiculous. I'd have to have a whole weekend to play everything I want.

But I guess that, since it's only a pretend wedding that I'm planning, I can add all the songs I want. You folks who are planning an actual wedding have the difficult task ahead of you - finding songs you both like, your guests will dance to, and fitting them all into a few hours of reception time. And then there's the No Play list to consider..... you definitely don't want to waste time hearing songs you hate. Chicken Dance, anyone?

Today's Chicago Tribune featured an article with practical advice about wedding music and the No Play list. Check it out here.

Ooh, that reminds me, I have to add I Gotta Feeling to my playlist!