Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Profile: Carol & Matt's Fun Celebration!

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful experience of officiating the wedding ceremony of Carol and Matt. I had featured them previously, having written about their wedding website.

I was looking forward to their wedding, because I really enjoyed working on their ceremony. I liked them right when I met them, and even more when I read their responses to my questionnaire. I knew they would have a really fun wedding. I'm happy to say, they did not disappoint!

The wedding was held at Pinstripes in Northbrook. It's a really cool "dining and entertainment venue" that features bowling lanes, bocce courts, banquet rooms, and a beautiful patio with a garden This was my first time at the place and I was impressed by the fun, but still sophisticated, atmosphere.

The patio where the ceremony took place had an outdoor bocce court! How cool is that? There was also a lovely garden area (which was so pretty!) that felt very secluded from the busy street and restaurant. It was the perfect spot for a ceremony.

The wedding began with live music - a performance of Matt & Carol's favorite song, The Foo Fighters' "Everlong." The singer was Carol's brother and her uncle and one of the groomsmen formed the rest of the band. They were fantastic! I want to hire these guys to play for my party! (Now I just have to plan one.)

Another special touch was the box that held the wedding rings. The ring bearer, Quintin, painted and decorated the box himself (with help from his mom). In little gemstones it said, "I Do." So sweet!

The ceremony included a handfasting ritual, for which Carol made her own handfasting cord. I love that she included embellishments that were meaningful to her and Matt, such as a little guitar and a "love" charm.

The table that held the cord also served as a memorial for loved ones. It was decorated with gorgeous bunches of white lilies and hydrangeas
and framed photos. I noticed several guests admiring the photos before we began. It really added to the warm and personal tone of the ceremony.

The only tense part of the ceremony was the threat of storms. (That, and the fact that the mosquitoes were relentless!) The sky started looking pretty ominous just before the ceremony. We began and there were only one or two drops that fell towards the end of the ceremony. I think there were probably more tears than raindrops!

Luckily, we made it through without getting soaked. By the time I got to my car afterward, it started pouring. I drove home in a crazy downpour. But by then, everyone was safely inside for the reception. And having a blast, I'm sure.

Congratulations, Carol & Matt. I know you will have a long, happy life together! Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful day!