Friday, May 21, 2010

Marci & Zach's Outdoor Ceremony

Last weekend I had the honor of marrying a wonderful (and fun!) couple in an outdoor ceremony at the Hickory Ridge Marriott in Lisle.

Marci and Zach's ceremony took place at the pavilion in a little wooded alcove on a hill, in front of a beautifully decorated trellis. It was the perfect spot for a ceremony! The area was decorated with paper lanterns and the walkway was accented with pictures of the couple from childhood to recent times.

The ceremony began with great music - "Lean on Me" for the bridal party's entrance and "Stand By Me" for the bride. The very long aisle was soggy from the heavy rainfall, but the bridesmaids still had a sway in their steps!

Marci and Zach incorporated a handfasting ritual, in which their mothers took turns wrapping and unwrapping the cord. The ceremony was punctuated with laughter and smiles - it was such a joy! It ended with a kiss, and the couple walking back down the aisle to Queen's "You're My Best Friend," which I still cannot get out of my head!

Best wishes to you, Marci and Zach! Ten-Four!


  1. Everyone told us that the ceremony was "so you guys"!. Anita made a perfect ceremony for us. I even had family members ask us how long we have known Anita for because she spoke as if we had been friends forever! She did an awesome job and I would recommend her to anyone one. Thanks again for making such an awesome day!

    Zach (the handsome guy above)

  2. We had more compliments on our ceremony than I can even count. The ceremony was beautiful, words cannot explain how amazing it was to have you preform the ceremony for Zach and I and all of our guests. It took a lot for me to keep myself composed and not a blubbering crying mess. You "hit the nail on the head" with our ceremony. It really was like you have known us forever to be able to write a ceremony that perfect for us. Thank you so much for making our day that much more special!!!!
    Marci (the girl standing to the handsome guy above)

  3. Okay, now you're going to make me start blubbering! Thanks so much for your kind comments. You guys are great - and it was so much fun to be a part of your wedding!

    Now go have a wonderful life together!!