Friday, May 21, 2010

Marci & Zach's Outdoor Ceremony

Last weekend I had the honor of marrying a wonderful (and fun!) couple in an outdoor ceremony at the Hickory Ridge Marriott in Lisle.

Marci and Zach's ceremony took place at the pavilion in a little wooded alcove on a hill, in front of a beautifully decorated trellis. It was the perfect spot for a ceremony! The area was decorated with paper lanterns and the walkway was accented with pictures of the couple from childhood to recent times.

The ceremony began with great music - "Lean on Me" for the bridal party's entrance and "Stand By Me" for the bride. The very long aisle was soggy from the heavy rainfall, but the bridesmaids still had a sway in their steps!

Marci and Zach incorporated a handfasting ritual, in which their mothers took turns wrapping and unwrapping the cord. The ceremony was punctuated with laughter and smiles - it was such a joy! It ended with a kiss, and the couple walking back down the aisle to Queen's "You're My Best Friend," which I still cannot get out of my head!

Best wishes to you, Marci and Zach! Ten-Four!