Sunday, February 28, 2010

Joe & Diane's Ceremony witth Blessing Stones

I almost cried. I've married lots of couples, but yesterday was the first time I almost cried.

I had the privilege of being a part of the wedding of a wonderful couple - Joe and Diane. Their story really touched me, not to mention that they are two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet!

For their ceremony, Diane and Joe wrote their own vows. That's what really hit me. They are so deeply in love with one another and their vows were truly the most beautiful I have ever heard. It was hard not to cry, but I managed to keep it together. Barely.

Joe and Diane also opted to include a stone blessing in their ceremony, to which they added their own creative touch. Blessing stone rituals became popular at beach weddings, where guests are given stones upon which they place their blessings for the couple. The stones are then tossed in the ocean.

This ritual can also be done at any type of wedding - it's not limited to beach settings. I've had a few weddings where couples had a blessing stone ritual (or a variation thereof) where the stones are collected as a keepsake for the couple.

Diane and Joe selected rose quartz stones to be given to their guests. Rose quartz is a stone that represents enduring love, and these stones carried the blessings and well wishes of Joe and Diane's family and friends. Their children each selected their own stones, which included Seraphinite, Float Copper, and Azurite. They placed their stones on top of the rose quartz, which had been collected in a crystal bowl. Then, Joe and Diane placed their individual stones in the center. It was really lovely!

After the wedding ceremony, several of the guests were drawn to the table with the bowl of blessing stones. As they commented on the stones, one gentleman placed his hands over the bowl, as if warming them over a fire. Another person joked, "Can you feel the energy?" and he replied, "You know, I really can." You could sure feel the love in that room!

The ceremony took place at the Lincolnshire Marriot. It was a wonderful and touching ceremony - one that I'll remember for a long time.

Congratulations, Diane & Joe! I know you'll have a blissfully happy life together!