Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Indie Weds - the last word

Okay, I know I've been posting like crazy about some of my favorite finds at IndieWed. But, I really can't help it! This show was chock-full of fun & funky vendors!

So, here is my last post on the subject.....

I loved the ideas of Foodie Registry. What a great concept! Couples can register for gift certificates at their favorite restaurants. This is perfect for couples who have all the "stuff" they need, but family members keep asking, "Where are you registered?" Where was this when I got married??

Another find was the fabulous Love, Lulu Mae. I adored the hats and hair clips. Look at this picture! Who wouldn't be smiling in such a fabulous hat!!

I am also in love with the Frida Kahlo-inspired flower headband I found on the website. The feather hairclips are also Fantastic!!

What's really cool is tha
t Love, Lulu Mae can also create custom designs for your wedding, incorporating vintage items - like that funky old rhinestone pin you love.

I was also intrigu
ed by VaVoom Pinups, a "pinup & boudoir photography studio."

Apparently, many a bride has ventured into VaVoom territory by having a sexy (and tasteful) boudoir portrait done as a wedding gift for her beloved.

Another fun option is a party! A girls' night out would be quite a memorable
experience here! I love the sentiment on owner Agnes Miles' business card: "ARTcessories for the Modern Woman with a Vintage Soul."

Well, all I can say is that, since Saturday, I have been fantasizing about raiding my mom's closet for some funky vintage dresses!

I think I've re-discovered my vintage soul....