Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Love My Funky New Earrings!

It all began when I was searching for an octopus pin. Well, let me back up.....

I was paging through Madeleine Albright's book, Read My Pins, in which she shares anecdotes about her pin collection. I've always liked pins and realized I hardly ever wear them. So I was determined to get a new pin - but what to get? Inspired by Ms. Albright, my new pin needed to make a statement.

So, I decided to search for an octopus pin on etsy. You see, I kinda have a thing for cephalopods. Squid, octopus, cuttlefish - I just can't get enough. They're just so darn cool! They change color, they change shape.... how can you not love them?!?

I found an octopus pin in the shop
of Mama's Little Babies. Well, doggone it - I had to keep looking at this funky little shop! My browsing led me to my other favorite - mermaids. And that's when I discovered the newest love of my life....... these Mermaid/Merman Earrings.

They arrived in the mail today and I'm ecstatic! The packaging alone sent me over the moon! They came in a cute red box with a checked ribbon, decorated with a sweet little sparrow charm. Even though I ordered the earrings myself, I felt like someone had sent me a present! Thanks for making my day, Cheri!

As you can tell, I absolutely love my new earrings. That, of course, prompted me to go back to the Mama's Little Babies shop and see what else I could find. And don't ya know it - the shop is full of fantastic little goodies! Better yet - the website has even more!!

Look at these adorable Bird Silhouette Earrings. Wouldn't these be great for bridesmaids?

And while you're shopping around, check out the Tiny Tweeters Bird's Nest Necklace. It would be perfect for a spring we

Just keep your hands off the Tattoo Guy Earrings - I saw them first!