Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Music to My Ears!

When my friend Veronica got married on Halloween, it was a fantastic experience for me to officiate her wedding. But, it was especially fun to be a guest at the wedding! I realized that night that I hadn't been to a wedding reception in almost 10 years!! I had forgotten how much fun the party could be!

One of the best parts of Veronica & Joe's wedding was the music, provided by Rob and Carl of Checkerboard Entertainment.
Not only are they terrific guys, they kept the party going with great music.

I have to say, they scored big points with me for a set of 80's music. See, I had asked Rob if he had the song, "Every Day is Halloween" by Ministry. I figured it would be perfect for a Halloween event - plus it's a great dance song from my club-going days. Not only did they play the song, but they did a whole awesome set of 80's tunes, including "I Melt With You" and vintage Depeche Mode. That alone earned them my undying devotion. Let's just say I danced so much that my legs were sore the next day! (But, it was worth it!)

In any case, I couldn't recommend these guys highly enough. They were so friendly and highly professional throughout the entire process. They came to the rehearsal to scope everything out and go over details. On the day of the wedding they were there early and made sure the ceremony ran smoothly. They also created an amazing, fun atmosphere for the reception - and got everyone out onto the dance floor!

If you need a deejay, be sure to contact Rob or Carl at Checkerboard Entertainment at 847-322-4469
or email them at booking@checkerboardentertainment.com.
You'll be glad you did - and so will your guests!