Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve Beach Wedding

This past Saturday I returned to Chicago after spending Christmas with my in-laws in Florida. It was a rude awakening, coming back to snow and cold after being at the the beach!

Besides having a great time visiting family, I had the unexpected pleasure of happening upon a wedding on the beach!

On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, we decided to head for the beach. As I was taking pictures of the kids, I noticed that there was something going on at the pier. So, I wandered over, and sure enough - it was a wedding!

When we were leaving the beach a while later, my husband noticed
the bride and
groom walking past. He encouraged me (badgered me!) into talking to them. So, I introduced myself and chatted with them for a bit. The bride said that it was her father who married them. Isn't that cool?

They were def
initely a lovely couple - and very sweet. I wish them all the best - and a lifetime of happiness!