Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Wanna Pinata!

When my 40th birthday was creeping up last year, I started thinking about having a party. A big party. No kids. Lots of appetizers. Cupcakes.... And a pinata.

Yes, I wanted a pinata. But not a kiddie pinata - a grown up pinata, filled with fancy chocolates, little bottles of scented lotion, some funky wind-up toys. Maybe a few Borders gift cards.

Alas, my pinata never materialized. That's because I didn't plan a party. My wonderful husband wound up planning a surprise party at my dear friend's house. And I was completely, utterly surprised! He still questions whether I suspected anything. Trust me - if I expected a party, I would definitely have worn a much better outfit!

Imagine my delight when I saw a wedding pinata posted on the 2000 Dollar Wedding blog! Guest poster Linda and her groom, Chad, decided to have guests take swipes at a pinata during the wedding reception. The pinata, which was made by one of their friends, was a big hit. Be sure to check out the post - it even has instructions for making your own wedding (or birthday!) pinata.

I'm thinking my next birthday may now involve swinging at a paper mache pony!