Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Q & A: A Cermony Without Religion?

Question: My fiancee and I are not religious. Can we have a ceremony without religion?

Answer: Absolutely! I have worked with several couples who did not want a religious ceremony. We were able to create meaningful, personal ceremonies in every instance.

Recently, I married a couple who enjoyed a lovely ceremony (one of my favorites!) that was completely secular. I shared some funny anecdotes about how they met (a great story that had everyone in stitches) and how their relationship blossomed into love. They also participated in a Tasting Ritual, which none of their guests had ever seen before. After the ceremony, they received many positive comments. A few guests told the bride that theirs was the best ceremony they had ever witnessed.

So, don't worry that your ceremony will seem like something's missing. There are many rituals that are non-religious, so you have many, many options. Look into handfasting, wine sharing, exchanging leis or garlands.... be creative!

Most importantly, your ceremony should be a reflection of you. If you don't want a religious wedding, there is no reason you can't have an amazing, sacred ceremony - minus the religion.