Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Q & A: Involving Guests in the Ceremony

: I don't want my guests to be passive observers at my wedding - I want them to feel involved. How can I include my wedding guests in the ceremony?

You may want to consider having a ritual in which you directly involve your guests. Following are a few ideas to consider:

Guest vows:
Guests stand as Celebrant asks questions such as, "Will you promise to support and love Joe and Sue throughout their marr
iage?" Guests respond, "We will."

Stone blessings:
Stones are placed on each seat before the ceremony. Guests are informed that the stones are for blessings or well-wishes for the couple. The stones are collected during the ceremony and gathered in a vase or basket.

Group reading:
Several guests are asked to take part in a reading, where each person reads a line from where they are sitting.

Circle of love:
For smaller weddings, guests can stand in a circle around the couple as they exchange their vows.