Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pagan Wedding Customs

I have spoken with couples who have asked about incorporating Pagan rituals into their ceremony. What people don't often realize is that many of our wedding traditions can be traced back to Pagan ceremonies. A perfect example is the wedding ring. The circle is an important Pagan symbol, representing eternity, with no beginning and no end.

Handfasting is considered an Irish ritual, but it is also a Pagan tradition as it can be traced to pre-Christian customs.

When considering a Pagan wedding, couples sometimes wonder how to incorporate their beliefs and philosophy into the wedding. Here are some ideas I've found:

Brooms: Although most people associate it with African American weddings, jumping the broom has also long been a Pagan (and Wiccan) wedding tradition. Brooms can also be used as decorations for the reception, as they are a symbol of fertility (hearth and home). Small decorative brooms (available at craft stores) can be adorned with dried herbs, flowers, or ribbons for a nice touch.

Possibilities for wedding reception keepsakes and decorations include:

  • Packets of flower seeds or plant seedlings
  • Jars of honey (sacred to Aphrodite)
  • Bells - used to ward off evil spirits
  • Potpourri which includes orris root, a violet-scented fixative regarded as a love plant
  • Keychains - keys have magical significance (unlocking of the mysteries)
These are all ideas that could be great DIY projects for you crafty couples. You can also easily personalize your projects to make them more meaningful for your guests- and you! Enjoy!