Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Join Celebrants - support HB2234 & legalize Civil Unions in Illinois!

It has just come to my attention that the Illinois General Assembly may be voting on Act HB2234 - the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act. Passage of this act would legalize civil unions in Illinois.

Please join me and my fellow Illinois Celebrants in urging our State Representatives to vote YES on Act HB2234! Let your voice be heard!

According to the Assembly's website, it looks like it may be called to a vote this Friday, May 8th - so please act quickly! You can go to the Illinois General Assembly to find your representative. Not sure who your State Representative is? Click here to do a search using your address. Please call and/or email today!

I just sent the following letter to my representative (of whom I've been a big fan!), Elaine Nekritz:

Re: HB 2234 - Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act

Dear Representative Nekritz,

This letter is in regard to HB2234 - the Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act. It is an issue of civil rights and human dignity. This Act would grant civil unions to same-sex couples, as well as to senior citizens unable to marry for fear of losing essential benefits.

Loving, committed couples are denied basic rights, including hospital visitation, health care decision-making, survivor benefits, shared nursing home living, and the authority to make funeral arrangements. In emergency situations, relationships are not recognized – partners are treated like strangers.

As a citizen of Illinois, a registered voter, and a Civil Celebrant who performs commitment ceremonies, I urge you to consider how this issue affects your constituents and their families. Please help put an end to the heartache and injustice suffered by so many people in our state. This important Act would guarantee that ALL families in Illinois would be treated with respect and legitimacy, without offending religious traditions associated with marriage.

I ask that you vote “yes” in support of this important legislation. Please support equality, fairness, and justice for all Illinois citizens.


Anita E. Vaughan

Civil Celebrant