Friday, April 24, 2009

Wedding Cake created by.... Twinkies?

Twinkies. Don't lie - you know you love them.

But did you know that you could have your favorite snack cake as your Wedding Cake?? See, some dreams do come true!

The Hostess website offers recipes for the Ribbons and Bows wedding cake, pictured here. C'mon it's kinda cute, isn't it?

There are also recipes for other cakes at the Hostess site, including the "Mr. and Mrs. Twinkie Tiered Twinkie Cake," on top of which sit the just-a-little-too-perky Mr. and Mrs. Twinkie. I can't' decide if they're cute or scary.

However, the best by far is the creation I found at FabulousFoods. The website offers a recipe for this lovely pink and green Twinkie cake.

Admit it, you know it's pretty.

And since it's made of Twinkies, it will be delicious - and will probably never get stale!

Mmm mmmm. That's Hostess Goodness!