Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Planning an Intimate Wedding

I just discovered the Intimate Weddings website, created by Christina Friedrichson, author of Intimate Weddings: Planning a Small Wedding that Fits Your Budget and Style. The website offers helpful, informative articles on planning a small wedding. The great thing is that the articles have useful advice for all couples, regardless of the size of your wedding.

I just read 15 Unique Ceremony Ideas which has excellent suggestions, such as having bridesmaids carry candles instead of bouquets. Another is arranging the seating of the ceremony so that guests will be around you, in a circle. There are several good ideas to create a more intimate atmosphere for your wedding.

The article 50 Ways to Save Money on Your Small Wedding offers suggestions that allow you to have a great wedding on a small budget. A few of my favorites are:

#8 - Guys, do you really need a tux? What about a suit?
#19 - Use potted plants or herbs as an alternative to cut flowers.
#25 - Is it necessary to have an elegant rehearsal dinner? If not, why not have a more casual dinner. Why not go out for Chinese food or order a pizza. What about a backyard barbecue?
#48 - Call your local university or college to find out if there are any talented photographers at the school that shoot weddings.

Check out the website for some great ideas you can use for your own ceremony.

And check out the book for even more ideas!