Friday, March 13, 2009

Birthday cupcakes - am I in Heaven???

Isn't it beautiful?

Truly a work of art, this was the
best cupcake I've ever had IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!

After a fabulous Sunday dinner with our dear friends, I was surprised with the most incredible birthday cupcakes in the history of cupcakes (and birthdays).

Do I have the best friends, or what?

I am one very lucky girl.

This delight was a giant chocolate cupcake, topped with whipped chocolate ganache and - get this!- filled (that's right, it even had a treat inside!) with white vanilla/sour cream filling.

Can you imagine it? Well,
I didn't have to - I got to EAT it!!

Do you think they read my cupcake posts? Hmm.... I wonder.

In any case, I managed to wait just long enough to blow out the candle before I devoured my dessert. YUM!!! Life is good!