Monday, February 23, 2009

More cupcakes!!

After my post about wedding cupcakes the other day, I became obsessed with having a cupcake. And I mean Obsessed. So, after the kids' piano lesson I announced that we were going to the bakery for a "special treat." Wouldn't you know it - they only had two cupcakes left. So unfair! Not wanting to fight one of the kids for it (and I was willing to fight), I convinced the kids that the smiley-face cookies were bigger than the cupcakes. Yay for me! I was able to get the cupcakes for "Daddy and me." However, we all know that, if the cupcakes were really good, Daddy would never even have seen a crumb. Well, I'm sad to say the cupcakes were a huge disappointment. The cake part was just average, and the frosting was actually chocolate-flavored whipped cream (that's so wrong!) and, to add insult to injury, was pretty skimpy to boot. Oh well..... I'll just keep fantasizing about the perfect cupcake until I break down and bake some.

In the meantime, I've discovered the Cupcake Project, a blog chronicling one woman's personal cupcake challenge: baking wedding cupcakes for her friend's Big Day. It went so well that she did it again. The website also has cupcake baking tips and recipes!!! I am IN LOVE with this blog!

I am definitely going to make the Margarita Cupcakes this summer. I already know that I'll be making these for my friend Pam, fellow dessert lover and a fan of the occasional margarita. I can picture us enjoying them (with the necessary related beverage, of course) with our girlfriends on a nice summer evening - minus the kids and the husbands. Ahh.... can't wait for the snow to melt!

Well, for now I'll keep trolling the Cupcake Project, drooling over Stef's creations. If I ask, do you think she'll be my new best friend?